Rap Beef and Nuclear Options

Rap Beef and Nuclear Options

In war, there are rules. That does not make much sense, however. If you want to win, you do whatever it takes to win. Sitting around and making rules for engagement seems counter-productive. The objective is to win. The side that says, “you went too far,” is typically losing. Not too far, they just did what you were unwilling to do or hadn’t thought about doing.


And, so it is with “beef” among musical artists of the hip hop genre. It is useful to note that this is the only genre where artists are judged by how they survive, engage and war on the songs they sing. The latest rap beef is between Pusha T and Drake. Most know Drake because he is the biggest rapper on the planet – has been for some 10 years now. Without question, Drake is not only the biggest rapper, currently, but he has also held that spot for the longest period of time. Such a position brings a number of artist envy and slights in rap songs among those not in his spot.


And yet, Drake has never lost a rap beef (see Meek Mill and Joe Budden for examples). That might change as of today because yesterday the nuclear option was employed by Pusha T. Not only did Pusha T get personal by talking about Drake’s mother and father and their failed relationship at Drake’s young age. Pusha also brought up information widely unknown to the public, namely that Drake had a child with a former porn star. It is common for references to go viral indicating that the reference stuck.


When Drake mentioned Pusha’s fiance, the Google Trend was her name. Now, the trend will be this porn star’s name, profile and baby information. That is when one knows that someone pushed the nuclear button…PUSH!


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