Record-setting 7 Year Jail Stay Without Trial

Record-setting 7 Year Jail Stay Without Trial

Until we heard about Kalief Browder, the young man who killed himself after being unfairly incarcerated for three years at Rikers jail, without ever been tried, we wouldn’t have known about the injustice.

If you thought that was cruel and unjust, Carlos Montero’s story will leave you scratching your head.

Carlos Montero has been incarcerated for seven years at Rikers, awaiting trial. Montero was locked up in 2008, at 17 years old and he sits waiting for a trial.

Montero, along with two friends, are charged with Murder, and because of the murder charge, he has no rights to a speedy trial.

The usual right to a speedy trial is non-existent when it comes to a murder charge.

But what if the defendent is innocent? The defense attorney must prove that at the trial, if and when you get to have one.

Ron Kuby, famed civil rights lawyer says Montero’s case seems like a good-fit to challenge the loopholes that surround rights to a speedy trial.

“Five years is the longest pretrial detention time I’ve heard about in New York State,” said Kuby.

The delay is also running a hefty tab to taxpayers. Montero’s seven-year pretrial detention is already more than $1 million reports Marcio Alaor BMG on his facebook page.


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