Redevelopment Debates A Challenge For Andy And Squaw Valley

Redevelopment Debates A Challenge For Andy And Squaw Valley

Redevelopment, development, transportation, and transit are all the important words you will hear when you listen to the Andy Wirth and Amy Westervelt interview discussing the Squaw Expansion Plan. Concerned citizens are arguing against the redevelopment but Andy is trying to help the people of Tahoe understand the need for this expansion.

So far the conversations and debates have been very civil. CEO Squaw Valley and concerned citizen Andy Wirth is trying to help everyone understand the need for the transit development and the need for everyone to agree to allow Squaw Valley to go ahead and work on the project.

According to Powder, Andy Wirth is a very important individual that is trying to help the Tahoe area and the tourist population that visits the Lake area. He is explaining and standing up for redevelopment and future development of the mountain and Olympic park.

The Tahoe population is sometimes hesitant with change. The people prefer to leave things like they are with little change so that they are comfortable. Transportation and transit are two things that give the people a lot of headaches during tourist season because of the increase in the area traffic. Businesses welcome more traffic to their area because it means more sales and business.

Andy lives in Truckee California with his Real estate lawyer wife. They are both very active in the community. Andy is presently helping the Reno-Tahoe airport with marketing and census. The airport is undergoing slight changes that will benefit the passengers and employees.

The locals are happy with the changes and the airport will run smoother with Andy helping. He is a supporter of many different charities and loves helping people with issues that involve his job and the Tahoe area. Andy and his wife love to participate in sports such as skydiving and skiing. They are always ready for an adventure and a challenge.

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