Reduce Discomfort from Endometriosis with Treatments from an Expert

Reduce Discomfort from Endometriosis with Treatments from an Expert

Endometriosis Symptoms

Women with endometriosis have painful symptoms requiring medical treatments or surgery from knowledgeable physicians. A woman with endometriosis experiences pain in the back and pelvic regions that worsens during monthly menstruation. Additional symptoms of endometriosis include painful intercourse and difficulties with urination. The cause of the pain is due to an overgrowth of the cells lining the uterus that invade the abdominal cavity, causing pressure against internal organs and excessive bleeding during menstruation.

Laparoscopic Incisions

Physicians diagnose a female with endometriosis with one of the four stages with level three and four frequently requiring surgery rather than hormonal treatments to rectify. Any woman with a cyst caused by endometriosis on an ovary should have surgery immediately to avoid complications such as internal bleeding or rupturing. Cystectomies are performed using small laparoscopic incisions to avoid scars on the abdominal wall while permitting fast recovery in only a few days. In many cases, a surgeon can place the laparoscope in the navel, making the incision invisible to others.

Removing Adhesions

For severe endometriosis in an older female, a hysterectomy is often performed, but this surgical procedure is frequently not required with a more modern technique. Younger women wanting to have children will want a procedure that resolves the pain caused by endometriosis while preserving the uterus and ovaries. With laparoscopic cameras and instruments, a surgeon can remove adhesions in a woman’s abdomen to reduce menstrual bleeding and relieve pain to preserve the uterus and ovaries for future pregnancies. Endometrial ablation is another surgical technique designed to destroy the uterine lining to prevent heavy bleeding and intense pain but is recommended only for women finished with childbearing.

Dedicated Surgeon

Dr. Tamer Seckin specializes in caring for female patients diagnosed with endometriosis with effective treatments and surgical procedures. As a knowledgeable board-certified gynecologist, Dr. Seckin offers minimally invasive endometriosis surgeries to provide fast recovery for women in New York City and surrounding regions. After a complete evaluation in a top-of-the-line medical facility, a patient is provided with a variety of options to relieve the difficult symptoms of endometriosis. Procedures performed by Dr. Seckin include laparoscopic and excision surgeries designed to help women feel better quickly.


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