Renown Health – Best Urgent Care Facilities in the South Reno Area

Renown Health – Best Urgent Care Facilities in the South Reno Area

It’s hard to find a reliable medical care facility, especially if it’s an urgent medical need where you don’t need to find yourself in the Emergency Room, but you could really use medical attention quickly. Renown Health is happy to announce that they will be opening a new medical facility in the South Reno area. They will be extending their services in The Summit Mall area. They will open in the spring and will offer primary care services along with most laboratory services. They have set the clinic up with the mindset to be able to increase their office space and their staff. The area is continuing to grow rapidly, and Dr. McCormack is taking part in the positive changes that are occurring in the area. She currently acts as the medical director of Renown Medical Group, and oversees all of the operations of each facility. There are currently 12 facilities that offer primary care services and specialize in many different types of procedures. She is slightly reluctant to create a full-blown clinic with all of the health care changes coming through the Trump administration. Her main focus with this new clinic is to provide exceptional services along with a comfortable setting. She wants patient’s to feel at home, and feel secure when being treated.

If necessary, the clinic will hold extra office space where they have the option to add more medical staff, doctors and another nurse practitioner. The clinic will employ 11 staff members, and add more accordingly. The store is about 10,000 square feet and covers three storefronts in the mall area. The other clinics will have the ability to handle more advanced services, however, if everything goes well with the new South Reno clinic, Dr. McCormack is confident that they can add more necessary services to cater to the community.

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