Reputation of Prison Communications Industry

Reputation of Prison Communications Industry

Prison communications companies have long been under scrutiny for their fees and practices. While some companies, like Securus, strive to give their customers the most affordable rates and quality service, some companies still take advantage of the vulnerable customers. Global Tel Link, a name that has come under scrutiny before, has been linked to fraudulent and unsavory business practices. They have endured class action lawsuits and have received numerous complaints.

Securus has worked hard to attain their A+ BBB rating, opening up a new customer service center. Richard Smith responded to the series of reports Securus will release about GTL. He felt “offended” by the way GTL is operating. It hurts the industry as a whole and the reputation of companies that work hard to maintain quality and honest services. Securus felt the customers had a right to know tangle, proven allegations against GTL.

The first report dates back to 1998, when GTL services the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The report outlines the fraudulent practices the Louisiana Public Service Commission discovered. GTL added time on to calls, disconnected calls to double charge customers, double billed customers, and inflated the rates of calls. These actions were found to be true when the LPSC investigated them. GTL has come under the microscope again for practices that are geared more toward making money than servicing the customer.

Link to original: Integrity Breaches at GTL

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