Rescuing the Hero

Rescuing the Hero

The bond between dogs and humans is deep and lasting. When humans are facing tragedy, dogs are often there to provide comfort or act as heroes. There are countless stories of dogs rescuing people, from the cocker spaniel who lead help back to the scene of a car accident and the blue heeler who faced down an alligator to save his owner, to the military dogs who save lives every single day. Occasionally, humans get the chance to return the favor.


Earthquakes violently shook the ground in Farindola, Italy on January 18th, leading to an avalanche. The Rigopiano hotel was covered in a mass of snow. There seemed little hope for those trapped inside, but all was not lost. As the days passed, survivors were found. A total of nine people have been rescued so far, saved both by air pockets in the snow and the tireless work of rescuers. More people are still missing, and as time passes the chances of finding them goes down. Thankfully, rescuers were given new hope when they found three little surprises in the hotel’s boiler room: fluffy, white and very much alive sheepdog puppies.


The puppies appeared unharmed by their trying experience, and were able to bring smiles and comfort to their rescuers. Their parents were both able to escape the avalanche, and will no doubt be thrilled to be reunited with their little ones. While there are still people missing in the hotel, the fact that these puppies were able to survive will help those waiting for word of their loved ones fight off despair. Humans may have rescued these dogs, but their very existence is bringing comfort and joy to countless people. Dogs are truly man’s best friend. In this case, man was dog’s best friend as well.



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