Restaurateur Sets Up Outdoor Refrigerator To Feed Homeless

Restaurateur Sets Up Outdoor Refrigerator To Feed Homeless

Minu Pauline is the proud owner of a popular restaurant called Pappadavada in Kochi, India. She was, however, distressed by the number of hungry and homeless people in her area. She would see them rummaging through the garbage for food. On one occasion, she encountered a woman who told her that her hunger kept her from sleeping; she woke up ravenously hungry and sought food.

Pauline also always had plenty of leftovers at the end of the day, and she decided to put them to good use. She put a donated refrigerator out in front of the restaurant and encouraged employees and patrons to fill it with unwanted food, so the less fortunate could have something to eat. She donated a lot of food herself. Pauline called the refrigerator “Nanma Maram,” which means “Tree of Goodness.” It can accommodate 420 liters or a little over 110 gallons. Pauline also labels the donated food with the date of arrival to ensure its freshness.

The refrigerator has been open since early spring, and it is open 24 hours a day, every day. People can help themselves to whatever is in it with no questions asked.

According to Pauline, people make regular donations to the refrigerator. Some people actually buy food in order to donate it. While she appreciates the generosity, she would prefer that people donate excess food they would otherwise throw out.