Retraining Programs to Help Coal Workers Survive

Retraining Programs to Help Coal Workers Survive – From

Coal miners are known for working hard, experiencing life shortening illnesses and diseases due to coal exposure, and being stone solid representations of achieving the American dream. Many coal miners started off as immigrants from other countries needing to earn living wages to support families. Working in coal mines and fields often runs in families, which may not end well because the use of coal is slowing and many believe it will reach a complete stop within one or two generations.

Goldwind is based in China and manufactures, repairs, and places wind turbines. Wind energy is renewable, safe for the environment, and rapidly becoming more popular, unlike its energy resource cousin coal. Goldwind is now training current coal workers to become wind farmers as a way to keep energy production in family units that will be around for generations to come.

Many companies are developing and employing training units, such as Goldwind’s wind farmer program, to give people the skills they need to completely master a specific trade or, even more narrow, a specific function. Employees who do complete such in-house “university” programs are likely to pull in more income over a lifetime than persons who do not work for employers with in-house colleges.

Programs that help retrain coal workers, who will undoubtedly not have jobs one day because of their rapidly declining, environmentally harmful trade, have existed for the past few years. Barack Obama, former President of the United States, started a program that replaces coal workers from current coal-related occupations and trains them in other disciplines.

Many coal workers love the name that working in coal can bring a family unit: hard working, honest, and loyal to their employer. However, environmental concerns will soon eliminate coal positions one day. Thank goodness for coal retraining programs such as Goldwind’s.


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