Returned Money Goes Viral on Social Media

Returned Money Goes Viral on Social Media

Money is important, and it’s a dream for most people to get a lot of it and to get it quick. Lotteries, intricate scams, fast money-making strategies, and jackpots draw people to participate in the hopes that they could become a millionaire overnight. Recently, a man in the Yasin Valley of Gilgit had that dream come true.

Abdul Hameed Khan was simply walking down a street near his home when he found one million rupees in a bag. Gilgit is a city of approximately 220,000, and it is the capital of the larger Gilgit-Baltistan territory of northern Pakistan. Gilgit at the convergence of the Gilgit and Hunza Rivers, and its place in the mountains makes it a popular tourist town in Pakistan.

Khan could have easily kept the money for his family and counted it as free money, but he referred to a higher sense of morals and returned the bag of cash to the owner the next day. Khan used this discovery to set an example for his children, friends, and neighbors that honesty is the better policy.

The owner of the lost bag of rupees was Fazal Rehman, an employee of NATCO. He lost the bag while walking through the streets, and he had no idea where until Khan contacted him. Rehman was also a husband with a family to support, and he went from desperate to overjoyed when he realized that angels had been with him that day, and one of them was named Abdul Khan.

So it was just another average resident who had dropped the bag; a man just like Khan who had turned this situation around by living honestly, and it made all the difference. This story went viral on social media because no matter what is going on in the news, everyone is inspired by the act of human kindness and honesty.


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