Ricardo Tosto: One of the Top Lawyers in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto: One of the Top Lawyers in Brazil

The legal system in Brazilian is based on the civil law tradition. The system is guided by statutes in the Federal Constitution, which is considered the country’s highest law. Most of the laws governing Brazil are derived from Portuguese law. Portugal controlled Brazil during the colonial period. Adjustments to the Brazilian constitution require a Constitutional Amendment or EmendaConstitucional. While legislation can be enacted at the federal, state or municipal levels, it must remain in compliance with the legal norms that are established in the Federal Constitution.

Brazil’s legal profession is managed by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. This organization was established in 1930. To practice law in Brazil, attorneys must graduate from an accredited law school, pass the bar exam and register with the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Only then can an attorney offer legal services and represent a client before the court. As of 2013, there were 847,921 lawyers duly registered in Brazil. Their names are listed in the national headquarters of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil in Brasília, Federal District.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the top attorneys in Brazil. He is one of the founders of the best known and most powerful Brazilian law firms, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto is a corporate lawyer and practices in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. He graduated from UniversidadePresbiteriana Mackenzie in 1983 with a Bachelor’s degree in Law specializing in Business Administration. Ricardo Tosto was nominated by Who’s Who Legal as one of Brazil’s best commercial litigation attorneys. His practice is recognized by Análise 500, the top legal publication in Brazil, and Legal 500. To watch video click here.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in the handling of legal issues related to Commercial Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Election Law, business restructuring, reorganization, acquisition review, banking contracts, bankruptcy and credit recovery. He has represented some of Brazil’s most important citizens and many of the country’s largest and most powerful businesses. In Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is a rising star in the legal profession and he’s a role model for many young Brazilians considering a career in law.

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