Robert Ivy, The Architect With Big Dreams To Improve Lives With Architecture

Robert Ivy, The Architect With Big Dreams To Improve Lives With Architecture

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of American Institute of Architects. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi, in the United States where he also grew up. Ivy went to Tulane University and attained a Masters in Architecture. He also went to Sewanee, the University of the South, where he received a Bachelors of Arts. He was appointed as the CEO of American Institute of Architects in 2011.

Ivy started his career as the principal at Dean/Dale, and Dean and Ivy, and a critic of National Publications from 1981 to 1996. He worked at Architectural Record in 1996 as the Chief Editor. Ivy also worked at McGraw-Hill construction media that also includes Green-Source in 2004 as the Deputy President and Editorial Director. He also once worked as a Juror in the board that approved architect Frank Gehry to devise the National Dwight D. In 2002, 2004 and 2006 Ivy worked as U.S Commissioner of Venice Architecture Biennale.

Robert Ivy has written several articles in Huffington Post. One the piece is about Architects of Health. This article is about how obesity has affected American and how it has led to diabetes which has affected 10% of the Americans, and even worse about 8 million of them have no idea that they have it. This problem is brought about by health crisis for lack of exercise and poor eating habits, though architects are working on this with the medical community. The way to tide chronic diseases lies in design thinking. Architects design health facilities that are fit to help rehabilitate, treat, train and educate people.

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Another article Robert Ivy wrote on Huffington is about designing new foundations for public health. This article he explains how a well designed medical facility can help in rehabilitating and improving the patients and staffs health, he used an example of using stairs instead of an elevator.

During his interview with, Robert Ivy said that architects are more focused on public health. He said that his profession could have an impact in solving various issues like providing disaster relief solutions to health improvement. He also said that they need to collaborate with other businesses as nothing works isolated. Ivy insisted that people view AIA as the most prominent collaborator. He finalized by saying that they need to prove to people that structures are making an impact. They need more effort and time to yield better results. They know that certain places make people more productive than others.

Ivy hopes that the architects of the future will consider more on how structures will affect people’s lives with their mental, physical and emotional well being instead of focusing on only the skyline.

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