Robert Santiago Manaira shopping mall; a place for leisure and fun

Robert Santiago Manaira shopping mall; a place for leisure and fun

Fun, entertainment, and shopping are three things that you will enjoy when you visit the Manaira shopping mall on This is a mall that was created with the modern day youth in mind. This is the largest mall in the Brazil and the largest shopping center in the Paraiba state in Brazil.

What triggered the success of the mall come shopping center is the concept behind the design on Most malls only provide a shopping experience, but the Manaira mall will give not only the experience but also fun and leisure. The purpose of creating the mall was to provide an alternative when it comes to fun and entertainment. Robert Santiago wanted to show people that it is not only the beach and the rich cuisine that can grab your attention in Brazil.

Did you know that it took two years to build the mall to completion? Yes, and it was inaugurated in 1989. From all the features and the fun that the mall can offer, it’s not hard to see why it took that long. After all, if you want to do something right, you need to invest your time and energy.

Fun and entertainment are two fundamentals that are associated with this mall. You will have access to diverse entertainment options that can hold your interest. There is a movie theater, ballroom, amusement park that is electronic and bowling alleys fit for the whole family.

They have included a gourmet space that you can enjoy with your family. Space includes a steak and hamburger houses. The mall also has a food court with different food joints.

The mall has a concert mall- does mall, one the largest in the area. In 2016, they were celebrating seven years. The mall has been designed with state of the art sound equipment. It is not only a concert hall but a theater and a nightclub. It is located at the roof top of the Manaira mall.

About Robert Santiago

Robert Santiago is the man behind this magnificent mall in Brazil. Before he opened the Manaira mall, Robert Santiago was working at the Café Santa Rosa.

Robert was born in Joao Pessoa in July 1958. He attended school at the Marista Pio X College. Roberto Santiago then proceeded to do his studies in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Roberto Santiago has been involved in various business ventures including the allotment field that enhanced his skills and experience.


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