Robert Santiago-The Epic Mall Developer

Robert Santiago-The Epic Mall Developer

In the world of business, one of the most prominent signs of success owns a business that draws in crowds and continually builds on the revenues from previous years. Such is the case of Robert Santiago and his Manaira Shopping Mall in Paraiba, Brazil. The development is located in the heart of the city of Joao Pessoa and is as visionary as some of the most prominent malls in the world.

In his early years, Robert Santiago decided that education was a priority for him and he knew that being successful would require an education of substance to give him the knowledge and backbone he needed to succeed. In his early college education, Santiago attended Pio X Marist College. He then advanced his education from there to receive a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Using these tools from his education is what has driven him to be such a success today. Read more about the mall on

As a native to the area, Santiago grew up with business at the heart of his ambitions from a young age. Starting with the simple roots of entrepreneurship, he started out by designing, manufacturing and selling cardboard folding boxes to a host of businesses. From his baseline success, he decided to expand into the world of real estate development. He bought a large tract of land in the very center of culture and development in Joao Pessoa. There he designed and developed the land into what is now known as the highly successful Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping.

While there are other shopping malls in Brazil that are notable, the Manaira Shopping Mall in Paraiba, is one of the most unique and diverse of all the malls in South America. This mega mall center offers extensive shopping outlets, a wide variety of restaurants, a food court, lush gardens, bars, an amusement center and even movie theaters. Because it offers so much to the people of the region than just shopping and dining. Since its’ opening, it has become a hotspot and an icon of attractions for both locals and tourists to Paraiba. In addition to entertainment, shopping and dining, it has also become a hub for local and region business with banks and businesses within its ranks of tenants. It also is home to The College Higher Education of Paraiba making it a fabulous diverse great business and education center as well.

While the Manaira Shopping Mall is so vast, it could be considered a small city within a city Santiago envisioned even more. In 2009, Santiago decided to expand his mall with more entertainment options for visitors so he added a two-story entertainment venue known as Domus Hall. This air-conditioned modern center is situated on the roof of the mall and has enough space to host live concerts, fairs, business and entertainment exhibits, as well as large conferences. For concerts, the Hall can fit up 10,000 people.


The mezzanine level also offers individual rooms for lounge music as well as private events. Since it was specially equipped and designed for concerts and theatrical productions due to its advanced sound equipment and acoustics, it has become quite a popular concert venue for many entertainers to the region.


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