Robin Thicke Lawyer To Appeal ‘Blurred Lines’ Case

Robin Thicke Lawyer To Appeal ‘Blurred Lines’ Case

What happened in the courtroom of the Gaye family vs. Pharrell and Robin Thicke has changed the music industry forever. Thicke’s lawyers are determined to practice every possible option available in order for them to turn this order around. The case suggested that Pharrell and Robin Thicke copied the song “Got To Give It Up” from Marvin Gaye’s hit song from back in 1977. Brad Reifler has heard that the Gaye family was awarded $7.4 million as a court order for a percentage in the profits of the song ‘Blurred Lines’.

The fact that such a case exists means that two of the legends of the music industry don’t write their own music, and instead copied it from older artists. Howard E. King, who is the lawyer appealing the case for Thicke and Pharrell said “I owe it to all songwriters in the world to win this case and turn the final judgement around. Pharrell and Thicke wrote the song from their hearts and souls, and did not copy it from anyone.”

Robin Thicke’s testemonies are what didn’t make a lot of sense in the case which ended up working against him and Pharrell. He first said that he was drunk and high and doesn’t remember how he wrote it.



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  1. At that point he said that he didn’t compose it yet Pharrell did, and he needed to assume praise. The entire story doesn’t make any sense. The most noticeably awful thing that endured for this situation is King’s notoriety. This is also really what australia writing could have also done to ensure everything could have happened the way that they like and still be able to harness opportunity too for them all.

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