Rocketship Education: A Better Future, One Child at a Time

Rocketship Education: A Better Future, One Child at a Time

Children are indeed the future. It is, therefore, our responsibility to make available numerous opportunities. Education is the backbone of possibilities for it is only through education that the generations to come can be civilized.

In the Beginning

Before Rocketship Education, the academic reality of many children from low-income families was colored with broken dreams. It was estimated that less than one in ten children from low-income families would not make it through college. Fr Mateo Sheedy, before passing away too soon, saw this and embarked on a journey to do something about it. His parishioners reached out to John Danner and Preston Smith to help continue his legacy.

That was the start of the nonprofit network of elementary public charter schools we know today. Rocketship Education is keen on working with the community towards creating an eco-system of quality public schools that put San Jose children from low-income families on the path to college. Officially started in 2007, the schools endeavor to eliminate the achievement gap in the country.

Send More Poor Children to College

Rocketship Education schools are propped up on five core values; four of which are common across the network and one which is unique to every school. Children from low-income families tend to experience a lot of toxic stress, which may abate their abilities to react and act in social situations. These values are meant to provide an environment that is safe and stable. The four common values are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. In addition to these values, different educational models are adopted for maximum advantage.

Come a Long Way, More Mileages to Cover

The organization has adopted a culture of parent participation. Parents are invited to take part in interviewing new teachers and even get to meet the finalists before the school year starts. This is different from other schools where the parents only get to meet the teachers at the beginning of the school year. With 14 Million children in 13,000 failing schools, Rocketship Education has lessened the burden with its 16 schools and the zeal to grow wider and deeper into the education system.



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