Rocketship Education: Supporting Communities And Rocketeers

Rocketship Education: Supporting Communities And Rocketeers

Building a better future begins now. This is one philosophy that motivates Rocketship Education, a nonprofit charter school collective. This institution believes in the power of any person to achieve greatness through hard work and the right support. Specializing in underserved schools the nonprofit seeks to eliminate the achievement gap found in these communities. Their mantra is that any student can reach new heights with a great foundation and dedication to education. In the spirit of this sentiment, the school encourages students to call themselves Rocketeers. This nickname is not only inspirational, it also drives a further bond between the school and its students.

This program’s focus is to create a sustainable educational program that gives underprivileged students the tools they need to succeed. There are many factors that go into the success of this plan. The first of which is family and community involvement. Rocketship Education noticed quickly the staggering benefit parental involvement can bring to a student’s success. They seek to foster this connection and involvement, creating a community geared towards student’s success. Teachers meet with student’s families at home at least once in order to forge a connection with parents. In addition to giving instructors, valuable insights this personal touch conveys to parents and students that the school and parents can be a team in fostering the success of their students.

This forging of community and connection isn’t limited to the connection between teachers, students, and families. It extends beyond that to the institution its self and the community. When San Jose flooded and many families were unsure how they would make it through Rocketship didn’t hesitate to show it’s support for student’s families. They partnered with other nonprofits in the area and soon raised over $60,000. This money was then used to help stabilize families struggling to replace even the most basic necessities. The school helped families find temporary housing, replace clothes and furniture and even aided by supplying deposits on new housing if need be. This support was not only critical for student’s maintained success it also further solidified what many parents suspected, that Rocketship Education was an advocate for the community.



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