Rodrigo Terpins, the Great Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins, the Great Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins, a Brazillian rally driver, was born in the family of achievers and sports veterans. His father Jack Terpins was a successful basketball player and the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress while his brother Michael Terpins is a race car driver like him. This excellence in the family is what drove Rodrigo to pursue his rally driving passion. Their father was their great mentor and played a major role in inspiring them to venture into sporting activities.

Rodrigo Terpins compassion for sporting was inspired by his great father who he grew up watching and admiring his sporting activities this made him have a passion for speed and sport at a tender age as rally driving becoming part and parcel of his life. Together with his talented brother, they have teamed up in rally driving races this has seen them participating in various rally championships all over Brazil.

Today his racing career is what he is content with and which he tries to balance it with his family. He is one of the top known rally drivers in the Brazillian off-road championships. Rodrigo Terpins races for the Tea Bull Sertoes rally team with his able and talented brother Michel Terpins. The two have recently participated and successfully finished the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship in which they finished third in their race and were ranked the 8th overall the duo is looking forward to the next Cuesta off-road rally championship. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In conclusion, Rodrigo’s career history and achievement were graced by his father who was his great mentor while growing up. Today Rodrigo feels more contented to walk in his father’s footsteps together with his brother Michel Terpins. He, however, feels the need to balance his professional commitments with that of his family so has to be best and succeed from both worlds. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more.


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