Rookie Police Officer Saves Drowning Man’s Life

Rookie Police Officer Saves Drowning Man’s Life

On Saturday, a British police officer took a chance and jumped into a freezing river to save a drowning man. He pulled the floundering man to shore, and paramedics were able to successfully administer aid and then transport him to the hospital.

February 17 was just another day for Police Constable Mohammed Nadeem, who recently joined the Greater Manchester Police force in North West England. The junior officer was patrolling near the River Irwell in the town of Bury when the police dispatcher received a call from a distressed man standing on the edge of the river near Hardys Gate Bridge. Accompanying members of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Nadeem rushed to the scene to find the man standing on the river bank.

The officers attempted to talk the man away from the water’s edge, but he refused to acknowledge them and ended up falling into the rushing current below. Nadeem immediately sprang into action. Despite not being a proficient swimmer, Nadeem dove eight feet down into the river below and retrieved the drowning man from the cold river. He was then examined by paramedics and transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

When questioned by reporters, PC Nadeem stated that he simply wanted to save the man from drowning and thought that saving someone’s life “is the best thing that you can ever do on duty”. He also acknowledged that he was a poor swimmer, but his only thought at the time was to safely retrieve the drowning man.

Since the incident, the Superintendent of the Bury police has praised Nadeem for his actions in protecting the drowning man and rescuing him from harm. Nadeem’s fellow officers have reportedly dubbed him “The Hoff”, a reference to Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff himself responded by saying he would like to personally meet Nadeem next time the actor travels the to United Kingdom.


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