Sanjay Shah adds long time friends to Autism Rock’s as members on its Board of Trustees

Sanjay Shah adds long time friends to Autism Rock’s as members on its Board of Trustees

Autism Rocks, based in London, is a charity organization that raises donations for autism research. PR Newswire reports that Autism Rocks has added Will and Pete Best as members on its Board of Trustees so they can help achieve all goals projected for the charity.

The founder, Sanjay Shah, started this organization in 2014 after being informed that his youngest son was diagnosed with this condition in 2011. Autism Rocks involves music to raise awareness, organizing music festivals that has featured many popular singers, and destine their donations to the Autism Research Trust (ART) based in Cambridge University. Autism is a disease found in 1 in every 68 children and affects mainly social and communication skills.

Sanjay Shah believes that the Best brothers’ experience will benefit the organization’s affairs, funds, events and also the administrative process. They will also have an active participation in the Board so they can accomplish Autism Rocks’ short and long term goals.

The Best brothers have demonstrated that their impeccable qualities will help understand the organization’s mechanism and will assist in the improvement of Autism Rocks. Pete Best, has experience in London’s financial sector for more than 21 years, and recently occupied the Chief Operating Officer at Icap. His brother, Will Best, has been involved in the music world for a long period of time, organizing music events in Manchester and was most recently working as a TV presenter hosting music. Shah thinks that their extensive knowledge in the financial and music areas will demonstrate that they are valuable assets for the organization.

Sanjay Shah, born in London, has lived with his family in Dubai since 2009. He has vast experience in the financial arena, but is also involved in real estate, publishing and hospitality. Working in several banks for many years, he decided to create Solo Capital in 2009, a boutique financial services house based in London with an estimated of 20 to 49 employees. Solo Capital’s main divisions are Investment Management, Securities Lending, Agency Brokerage, Principal Trading and also Safeguarding & Administration of Assets and Client Money.