Scary Retailer Handling of Customer Data

Scary Retailer Handling of Customer Data

Many consumers believe the data retailers collect at the point of sale and online is protected in some fashion, but this idea is somewhat a myth, as was seen with recent actions related to the bankrupt electronics company RadioShack. RadioShack’s largest shareholder, Standard General, purchased more than 65 million customer names and addresses during the sale of the company’s assets. RadioShack also purportedly sold phone numbers, approximately 13 million email addresses and shopping data.

Zeca Oliveira ( knows that, although laws exist to protect customer data, other similar auctions have shown that privacy protections differ by state and a court may approve the sale of data under certain circumstances such as when it’s sold to a similar retailer, sold with other assets and/or the buyer promises to protect the data and maintain any privacy policies set by the original owner.

The sale occurred in Texas and that state’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton, has informed the media that the sale will likely be opposed in court as it’s illegal under the current Texas state data privacy laws.

Many consumers are now realizing that every time they provide their personal data or shop their privacy becomes increasingly threatened. Privacy advocacy groups are now trying to find ways to force retailers to delete this data after a preset number of days, such as 30 or 90, have passed since the last purchase made by the customer.


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