School Bans Cell Phones

School Bans Cell Phones

Using one’s phone during school has almost always been a struggle with teachers. Ever since cell phone usage became popular, students bought them to class. It should come as no surprise that students who use their cell phones in class are less engaged than their peers. One school in Norway has decided to do something about that.

Their solution? They created a safe spot, a “cell phone hotel”, where students can place their cell phone during the day. The teachers state that it is much easier to teach students and that they are much more engaged now.

The students were nervous at first, but became more comfortable with the idea after a few weeks. They said one of the most important things was that their cell phones were cared for properly while they are gone. This is where the hotel comes into play.

The hotel is exactly like you think it is; it is a hotel for cellular devices stated Chambers and Partners. Students leave the cell phones there in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Surprisingly, the reaction all around is positive. Students are more engaged in learning and getting better grades, something that makes both their teachers and parents happy.

Will a hotel for cell phones take off? Only time will tell.

Parents Approve Of School Banning Phones: Only In Norway


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