Seagull Knocked Unconscious by Cricket Ball Doesn’t Give Up

Seagull Knocked Unconscious by Cricket Ball Doesn’t Give Up

How much understanding of the world around them do the birds have? A recent story suggests that it could very well be significantly more than some people believe.

A seagull was hit by a cricket ball during a match in Melbourne. The player Rob Quiney picked it up and laid it on the green outside the field, believing it was dead.

After just a few minutes, however, the bird regained consciousness. The cameras were directed towards it and it is noticeable how it takes a while to look around before spotting Quiney. After that, the bird takes off and flies directly to him. It was actually close to getting hit again because the player was running to catch a ball right at that moment. Instead, the bird safely landed on the field right on the spot where it had been picked from.

Igor Cornelsen ( agrees that there is something magic about that cricket field, with fans shouting and balls being thrown around for the seagulls, because there were more of them landing and taking off during the game. There was, fortunately, only one of them that had the bad luck to be knocked unconscious. Some media sites interpreted the seagulls return as an attack towards the player, and even if it was probably not meant as an aggression it most certainly interrupted the game.


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