Second Chance Dog Wins Over Government

Second Chance Dog Wins Over Government

It takes the right temperament to be a policeman, doctor, teacher, or construction worker. As it turns out, the same holds true for animals. Recently Gavel, a German Shepherd who had been trained to work as a police dog, got fired from his job. He’s smart, the right breed, and went through the proper training, but when it came down to police work, he couldn’t cut it.


The reason – he was too nice. He loves people. He couldn’t be intimidating when he’d rather play with a suspect rather than arrest him. Instead, he’s been reassigned as a greeter at the Queensland’s Government House.


As Gavel greets visitors in his official capacity, he puts everyone at ease and adds a regal presence. This sociable animal has warmed the hearts of visitors and even the governor. So much so that he is often present with the governor during official meetings. While he may look imposing, inside is the heart of true friend eagerly fulling his duties.


The story of finding a purpose for a dog that wasn’t meant to do what his trainers wanted has a deeper message. His friendly nature surely could have been trained out of him with enough time and effort. Thankfully, his owners recognized his natural potential. Anyone who has grown attached to a pet knows they have an inborn personality. Playing to a pet’s strengths made for a happy owner and pet. Knowing what his breeding said he should have been and comparing it to what he has become, reveals a deeper truth. You can’t judge a dog by its breed, of course. But, more importantly, there is a place for all kinds of talents and temperaments.




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