Securus Technologies Fighting for Safer Jails

Securus Technologies Fighting for Safer Jails

If anyone would like to see the most dangerous job in the country, they only need to come work at the local jail with me and my fellow corrections officers for one day. The tight living conditions and threats of violence at any second mean you have better have your entire head on a swivel or you may not be going how after work today. Add into the mix gang members who do not like being told how to live, and you have a recipe that is ripe for extreme violence in the blink of an eye.


It was only a few years ago that we had some primitive ways of keeping the peace in the jail. The call monitoring system used in the jail was certainly dated, and required many officers in a small call center who has to listen to every word of each inmate for hours at a time. The problem today is those officers can be better utilized on the floor or in the yard helping to keep the peace. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we are able to do just that.


Securus Technologies has transformed phone monitoring systems that are now used in some of the most dangerous jails around the country. Having this new system in 2,600 jails already, we knew it was time for our facility to step up and take advantage of the new technology.


Once the monitoring system was in place, we got to see the LBS software in action. According to the CEO of the company, Richard Smith, his technology and dedication of his employees is making the world a safer place for all. We are now able to be quickly alerted if an inmate is talking on the prison phone system about doing drugs, causing a fight, or trying to smuggle contraband to their cells.


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