Securus Technologies Helps Prevent Crimes Throughout City

Securus Technologies Helps Prevent Crimes Throughout City

Me and my team of fugitive hunters were looking for a very dangerous suspect this month. His escape from a detention center was only compounded by the fact he should have been in a maximum security prison, and was there due to a clerical error. The suspect basically walked out the front door one day and right back to his violent ways. It wasn’t hours after his escape that violent crimes in the city began occurring with this suspects calling card.


My biggest concern was this suspect had nothing to lose because he knew he was eventually going to be caught and placed in the right jail, so anything he did today was without real concern. When a string of store robberies began, we knew who was behind the crimes. This suspect had deep gang affiliations, so we suspected he was using several of their safe houses to stay off our radar, so we needed to collect information from another source.


Since no one wanted to talk to the authorities, we decided to step up our efforts and head over to the local prison. That facility just had Securus Technologies install an inmate call monitoring system, and we knew with a huge gang presence in the jail, someone would be talking about our suspect. Securus Technologies is in 2,600 jails, and the CEO Richard Smith, says his company and 1,000 employees work toward one objective, making the world safe.


The thing about criminals is they have no honor between themselves. When we discovered one inmate had a real beef with our suspect, his ratings on the phone to gang members on the street triggered us to head in a completely new direction. The alerts from the LBS software gave us detailed information where the suspect was in hiding today, and we found him just before he was about to move again.



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