Sergio Cortes, His Talents And Future

Sergio Cortes, His Talents And Future

After a lifetime of working tirelessly, Sergio Cortes is all set to become the most popular Michael Jackson’s impersonator. He has given many performances and shows all over the world including London, Brazil, Denmark and Spain where he was born and raised. Now at age 44, he says his long time dreams have come true.

Even though Sergio Cortes is not always physically there, he is proud of the prominence he is gaining across the globe even in Asia. He can access to what his fans are saying through social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. He is proud that his fans still applaud him for all the things he has done throughout his career as Michael Jackson’s dub. Besides, they praise him for the talents and how closely he resembles the King of Pop and for bringing him alive on the stage through dance moves, music, songs and costumes. Sergio Cortes makes sure that his fans know where his next shows and performances will be through many other ways like newspaper ads as well. His official website – multi-page site that contain crucial details and updates at a glance – are a precise snapshot of what people can find about Sergio Cortes. They can get daily or at least monthly reporting on the tours and travels that Sergio Cortes takes on a regular basis.

According to him, it has taken years of adhering to a disciplined scheduled when working or impersonating the celebrity. He says he is very proud of what he has achieved in his career and plans to continue doing what he is good at. He also has visions of how his talents are best used and what he can achieve in the future. Every year, Sergio Cortes is bombarded by projects after projects from many popular producers and directors in the entertainment industry. They have stepped in with attractive offers for Sergio Cortes.

In short, Sergio Cortes is the best Michael Jackson’s impersonator ever. It was not until his loved ones recognized his close resemblance with Michael Jackson that he knew what he had. Sergio was also fond of Jackson’s music at the same time. He had performed at his high school concerts and dramas as well. A local reporter posted his photos and videos which went viral and made him draw crowds to his shows. And the best part of all this is that it didn’t took long for Sergio Cortes to become famous like he is right now. With the proper motivation and direction he made it big in the industry. He has never looked back since then. He has been seen on many TV shows most recently with his refined dance moves.

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