Serving Dental Professionals With MB2 Dental

Serving Dental Professionals With MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental’s founder and CEO Chris Steven Villanueva created his company with one mission in mind. He aimed to create a place for dental professionals to embark on a successful career in dentistry. He understood a career in dentistry is not a one size fits all type of career path. He understood having one’s own practice of working for a corporate dental company did not fit the best interests of all dentists. The company is fresh and disruptive. Nothing like this company is available on the market for dentists. The company is always looking for more individuals to try them out to see what they can offer a dental professional.

MB2 Dental has so many options for incoming dentists. Many of the dentists that first start out with the company work as associates. This allows for dentists to work with people with similar pursuits in a welcoming environment. Some of the dentists working with this group are dental practice owners. The company aids practice owners with the most up to date technology, insurance guidance and the vital strategies needed to run a successful practice. The company works to help all dentists looking to become practice owners regardless if this is there first practice or if they’re looking to add to their portfolio of practices. The environment this company has created for dentists is about unity and all the dentists associated with this company invest emotionally and financially into each other.

Over one hundred dental practices, over two hundred doctors and about forty owners have been helped by the efforts of MB2 Dental. The company has helped these professionals to get more out of dentistry than just a job. They have worked with practice owners to create unique practices for their dentists. They specialize in working with all types of dentists from all walks of life to purse their goals. So far, all of their efforts have given them a brand name known and respected by so may people in the dental field. With this kind of success, it is sure that there is still more to come from MB2 Dental. His youtube channel


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