Shervin Pishevar and the Market

Shervin Pishevar and the Market

Shervin Pishevar is the founder and top executive of Sherpa Capital. He is also known as one of the first Uber investors, which would soon dominate the market. For years, Shervin Pishevar has been vocal about many of his endeavors in business and finance realm. As such, it is no surprise that he sent a 50-message Tweet storm earlier in the week.

Pishevar’s Sherpa Capital has consistently focused on space and real estate market. With over $500 million under management, Sherpa Capital has been known as the industry’s best. Shervin Pishevar’s most recent investment was with the transportation system, Hyperloop One, which is expected to display a public demo in the coming months. In addition to his works with Hyperloop One, Sherpa Capital, and Uber, Shervin Pishevar has also played a vital role in the growth of companies such as Didi, Slack, Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Postmates; among others. As an immigrant from Iran, Pishevar is well-aware of the struggles of a foreign entrepreneur.

In Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm, he mentioned the future of various companies, including SpaceX and Bitcoin. Initially, Shervin Pishevar predicted a 6,000 point drop in the stock market in the coming months. Moreover, he mentioned that Silicon Valley will soon be digressing.

Although surprising, Pishevar’s comments possibly highlight the dim future of America and its dynamic economy. Pishevar mentions that there will be buoyancy in bonds, and it will slowly spread across the American economic system. Additionally, Pishevar believes that the initial drop of Bitcoin is not over. In fact, it is only beginning and will cause the market to stagnate tremendously. In response, the price of gold will rise, but in two years will slowly stabilize back to its normal price.

In terms of Silicon Valley, Pishevar believes that there is a movement of technology from the California area to other, more expansive cities in America. Furthermore, Pisevhar believes that the United States’ infrastructure cannot be compared to other countries such as China. He adds that the United States government is focused more on short-term goals, whereas countries like China are rigorously focused on long-term approaches.


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