Shervin Pishevar Versus The World

Shervin Pishevar Versus The World

It is not always easy being the one person who is willing to tell the world the truths that they do not want to hear. Shervin Pishevar doesn’t seem to have any problem doing so however. He consistently takes to Twitter to share his viewpoints on any number of different issues that crawl into his mind.

Shervin Pishevar is most famous for being an early investor in Uber. He saw the potential in that company, and he acted upon it. He deserves great credit for having the insight to make such a savvy move. Not only would many of us have passed up that great opportunity, but many of us never even saw it in the first place. That is part of what sets Shervin Pishevar apart.

He recently went on Twitter to share some of his views as they relate to the economy as a whole and developments in the world at large. He decided to tell people that he believes that the stock market has the potential to fall by as much as twenty percent in the near future. He believes whole-heartedly that the market is set up to fall much more than it is set up for success at this point. Shervin Pishevar blames this partly on the Trump Administration, but also partly on all of us for believing too much in something that is simply overpriced at this point in his view.

In the stream of thoughts that erupted onto Shervin’s Twitter account there was also talk of Bitcoin taking a fall from the prices that it has enjoyed recently. He doesn’t believe what so many others are saying about Bitcoin and its potential to revolutionize the world. He thinks that a lot of that is just fluffed up marketing. He would rather people avoid that at least for the time being as well.

It was definitely a lot to take in when Shervin Pishevar started to talk on his personal Twitter account. Still, you have to admit that it was interesting, entertaining, and perhaps even somewhat informative. Those are characteristics that you cannot deny on important to have particularly on Twitter.


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