Shiva Gopal Vasishta Help With MS Suffering

Shiva Gopal Vasishta Help With MS Suffering

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a well-known doctor who has been investigating amazing things when it comes to multiple sclerosis. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a board-certified neurologist and he practices in New Jersey. He is an individual who speaks both Spanish and English, and he accepts many different insurance providers. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta graduated from The Government Medical College in 1979. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has been practicing medicine for 40 years. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta also works at Kennedy University Hospital, and he completed his postgraduate medical education at Boston City Hospital.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has been been studying stem cell transplants for individuals who suffer from multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can devastate an individual’s body. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be very painful and difficult to deal with, and doctors have been working for many years to find treatment to help with the progression of the disease. At the present moment, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, but there are many medications that are made to treat the symptoms.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is studying a therapy that is called high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant. This is a type of therapy that is very unique, because it uses the stem cell transplant of a person’s own blood cells. This type of transplant helps in the remission of the symptoms of multiples sclerosis. The results from this type of therapy have been amazing because in the majority of clinical trials, the treatment showed no progression of symptoms or new brain lesions. This is very promising, because this therapy can become the main option for individuals with MS who do not respond to any other treatment. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is improving the lives of those individuals who suffer with this debilitating disease.


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