Should They be Angry?

Should They be Angry?

Recently students at Bryn Maawr College in PA got a very shocking email from the very school. Now, some of those students are outraged about what they read in that email. Several students reportedly responded in hurt and anger over the email that encouraged them to meet with the weight loss team at the school’s medical facility. These students were all chosen based upon their BMI. The wording of the email wasn’t exactly friendly to those who might be struggling to shed weight.

After one student posted the email, with her reply, on social media, more than 200 ‘likes’ got the attention of the school. They responded by saying this was the 3rd time conducting the campaign, without any prior complaints. Should these women be upset about the email? Dave and Brit Morin believe: Of course they should!

I signed-up for an offer for Jenny Craig, just to see how much wait it said I would need to lose. After entering my information, a big pop-up on the screen says ‘Whoa,’ according to the information you may be obese. You need to start our program now and get control of your body.’ I felt this popup to be very offensive. I never thought of being obese before, and looking in the mirror I am not too very worried. How dare they send me such a response based upon a couple of answers?



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  1. Society places too much emphasis on weight these days. School should not be one of the places that you will face ridicule and assumption, especially from the faculty. I do know for sure that rush essay has began what they plan to do for them.

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