Sikh Bikers Raise Over $100,000 for Pediatric Cancer

Sikh Bikers Raise Over $100,000 for Pediatric Cancer

Twenty-four motorcyclists in Canada recently rode across Canada in an attempt to build awareness of childhood cancer and raise money that can be used to treat and prevent the disease.

What they also had in common was that they all hailed from the Sikh community. With racial tensions being at the forefront of many incidences across the world, it’s important that people find ways to come together and focus more on their similarities than their differences.

These bikers met scores of people along their journey, and they used that opportunity to build relationships with others and introduce some people to the Sikh culture. What makes many Sikh men stand out in certain crowds are their turbans and beards; the riders wanted to make sure that the people they encountered realized that those who may look different don’t automatically need to be a cause for concern.

The riders crossed more than 12,000 kilometers on a total of thirteen bikes, and the journey took two weeks. They partnered with the Canadian Cancer Foundation, and they spread the word about their mission through chance encounters and media appearances.

Their initial goal was to raise $60,000, and they surpassed that amount significantly. At the end of their ride, the donations they raised totaled more than $100,000. Scientists can use that money to fund research and development of preventive measures and treatments, and doctors and hospitals can also use the funds to offset the costs of treating children currently afflicted with cancer.