Skout Founders Continue To Innovate

Skout Founders Continue To Innovate

Just when you thought they had done everything that they could possibly do in the creative realm, they do it again. The makers of the very popular Skout app have now unveiled another app which may begin to gain in popularity in much the same way. This app is one known as Fuse, and the purpose behind Fuse is to allow people to send quick messages to one another that disappear quickly after they are sent.

You might wonder what the point of having disappearing messages is, but really it is quite simply. One wants to send a message that bears some importance but does not need to be seen by anyone outside of the person it is sent to. Thus, allowing people to send short and quick messages to one another that disappear with time actually has the added benefit of making the person read it and respond more quickly.

In order to get to this point, the people who made it first created their ever popular Skout ( app. This one of course allowed people to meet one another no matter where they were in the world. It was a geo-targetted app that was created with the idea of connecting people who were close to one another geographically. However, the Skout app proved to be much more than a fun place to meet new people. It soon turned into a great way to just chat with someone who could understand the ideas and thoughts that you had churning around in your mind. People gravitated to that, and it wasn’t long before people were starting to use Skout in all new ways.

Fuse is just the latest adaptation of the social interaction app world. People are sure to find numerous uses for it and want to explore it to the best of their ability. It may catch on like SnapChat and others did, but then again Skout seems more posed to be the big winner from these creators.

Everyone wants to know more about Skout when they first hear about it. Even the name alone seems to be enough to draw in the attention of those who might otherwise not pay much attention to what new apps are being released to the market. It is a cool thing there are people as creative as the guys behind this one who are propelling the apps like this into the hands of millions of people worldwide.


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