Skout, the App for Almost Every Social Need

Skout, the App for Almost Every Social Need

Are you the kind of person that is always going somewhere? Want to meet new friends when you’re out on the town? Did your friends dump you on a night out? Just need to reach out to people in your area? Skout is an app made for people who want to expand their social circle. This app can assist travelers in connecting with locals, and it can help connect you to people near you also using Skout. This allows people to make friends and build relationships with people who may live across the country, or even the world.

Used by 220 million people worldwide, this app is often times used for dating and flirting. It has an adult and teen section, the teen section of which is moderated regularly. Skout has taken leaps and bounds toward helping people connect, even declaring the 4th of February, International Online Friend Day. This is strange because February is the slowest time for apps of this nature, but it seems to have worked for Skout. Over 40% of people from Filipino, British, Australian, and French decent (52, 000 people in total) have friends in another country one survey says. This app allows you to connect with a meet up with those friends when you visit their neighborhood. You can get tours from your new friends, or learn things about the area’s they live in that you hadn’t known before. It also allows you to see people close to you geographically and meet up with them if you choose to. This app has so many features to help you connect and converse with people all around the world, promoting the connection with people of different cultures.

You sign up either through Facebook or using your email and have to fill out a series of demographic questions. These questions show your interests and help other people interested in the same kinds of things connect with you. As an app, Skout is designed to help you meet new friends, chat, and exchange pictures all in one place. Pictures in the nude are regulated, there is also a grid style to how all the online people in your area are displayed. This shows you who’s online and who has similar interests to yours. Letting you get in contact with the best possible people no matter where you are.

This app is designed for travelers and people who want to meet others. If you ‘re on the go, traveling cross country, or just want to meet someone new it’s certain that Skout will have your back. They ensure you’re only connected with people who you might relate with or want to connect to. The founders of Skout have recently started a new project as well, another network called Fuse. This is another app related to Skout, allowing you another experience entirely with the same basic need. Skout is an app for anyone, lonely people or people just looking to have a good time.


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