Skout: The Future of Social Networking

Skout: The Future of Social Networking

Skout is a global social networking and dating app available for most mobile devices. The APP is free to download and allows users to meet new people either locally or world wide. By using the built in GPS in most phones, users can make a personal connection with people that live near them. Before meeting in person, they are able to use the app to chat virtually with their connection. If a user has concerns about cyber stalking, they are able to share as much or as little information about themselves as they please. This includes the ability to turn off the GPS link and keep their location a secret.

Users are able to set up a personal profile, listing their likes, dislikes and interests.  The interface functions similar to that of Facebook. Users are allowed to leave comments on each others profiles and to send virtual gifts by using in-app credits.

To reach out and meet new people world wide, Skout has a unique shake to meet feature. Users can shake their devise while the app is open to be instantly connected to another random user that is also shaking theirs. They will be able to view their connections profile and participate in a one on one chat with them. Users will find this method of meeting new friends from around the world entertaining and addictive.

The app has been downloaded by over 100 million people world wide, making Skout one of the most active mobile social networking sites worldwide. For people that are interested in making new online friends and chatting with them, the app has enough people active throughout the day to keep everyone active. They even have an active photo stream called Buzz.

In most ways, Skout is the next logical step for social interaction. It is a fun and different way for individuals to meet each other and make new friends and flirt safely.


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