Snoop Dogg Makes World’s Largest Paradise Cocktail

Snoop Dogg Makes World’s Largest Paradise Cocktail

Music legend Snoop Dogg, “Top Chef” winner Michael Voltaggio and hip-hop artist Warren G made the largest paradise in history on May 26, 2018, during the BottleRock Napa Valley Festival. The trio used 180 bottles of Hendricks gin along with juice supplied by Whole Foods to produce the cocktail that was just a little over 145 gallons. Snoop Dogg did the final honors by sticking a straw in the specially made glass bottle that stood over 5-feet tall and was over 5-feet wide. Snoop Dogg also performed for the crowds in a show reminiscent of a strip club with scantily-clad pole dancers and confetti designed to look like money raining down on the crowds.


Snoop Dogg brought a large fan base to the festival performing his music including the song featuring the cocktail. Snoop Dogg was not the only big-name performer during the three-day food and music festival that was closed out with Bruno Mars’ Las-Vegas-style-show performance on Sunday. Also performing was Halsey who suffered an asthma attack on stage. Headliners The Killers went a little over their 10 PM sound curfew, so organizers turned off the power equipment resulting in making it hard for those in the back to hear the final set. Billy Idol was on hand to perform to the largest crowd that he has seen in America since the 1980s. In fact, the 62-year-old performer got so tied up in his act that he tore off his shirt and threw it into the crowd.


Trisha Yearwood was also on hand for the event. While playing with a basketball, she prepared foods for the crowd to sample. One of the highlights of the event happened when Spearhead frontman announced that they were expecting a baby during a cooking performance on the culinary stage.


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