Solo Capital’s Rise To The Top

Solo Capital’s Rise To The Top

Solo Capital is a global conglomerate founded by Sanjay Shah, who has become more well known because of his Autism Rocks foundation, than for being a savvy businessman. Solo Capital was founded during the worlds worst financial crisis since the great depression. A graduate of Kings College, Sanjay has spent many years working for some of the largest brokerage and banking firms such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, ING and Barclay Bank. At the on set of the financial collapse, during a time when globe markets were collapsing or on the verge of collapse, Sanjay Shah had been working for Merrill Lynch. This was an uncertain time for him, the daily grind and commute were too much, as was the uncertainty of continued employment.

Out of the ashes so to speak, Solo Capital was formed. Sanjay began with a small office, a few traders and office staff as well as a few college graduates. He gave himself one year to build a viable company. Taking it year by year he had gained million dollar profits within five years. This was no small feat considering global markets were still trying to recover. With this new found success Sanjay began buyng up other firms, adding to Solo Capitals portrtolio. The most notable acquisition was the purchase of Old Park Lane Capital brokerage house. Old Park Lane Capital, was a private invitation only brokerage house that catered to some of England’s wealthiest clients.

It was not bad for a Kenyan born man, who was raised in one of the most affluent areas of Central London. He continued to grow his success into today’s $280 million dollar business. Today Solo Capital has its headquarters based in London and Dubai. He has purchased holdings in the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Kenya, Germany, the Cayman Islands, and Dubai.

Sanjay Shah is semi-retired, today he leaves the running of Solo Capital and its Holding companies to his trusted management team. He has turned his interests to other philanthropical endeavors. He has always donated money to help India’s poor children though he always wanted to accomplish more with his charitable pursuits. After the diagnosis of his younger son Nikhil with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sanjay began his current passion Autism Rocks. After Nikhil’s diagnosis Sanjay began devouring information about this lifelong affliction. Once he learned of the five year waiting list he hired a round the clock team of specialists for his son. It disturbed him that other families would not receive the same level of care. The purpose of Autism Rocks is to bring awareness to this affliction through various concerts events that are being held in the United Kingdom and Dubai. All of the proceeds from the invitation only Autism Rocks concerts goes to fund autism awareness and research.

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