South Korea Is Assisting Helping The World Solve A Common Problem

South Korea Is Assisting Helping The World Solve A Common Problem

An experiment in South Korea is changing the world forever. This test has to do with hair. After removing hair from several rodents, a chemical was injected into them that caused their hair to grow back in a short amount of time. Doctors who have studied this discovery believe it should have the same effect on humans. Doctors this can help both men and women, especially those fighting diseases like cancer.

This chemical was created at Yonsei University. A scientific lab team working at Yonsei has been searching for a cure for hair loss and baldness for several years. This discovery was made by trying hundreds of different chemicals on rodents. Finally, one compound worked. The scientific team studied the functions of this chemical as well as the roles of hair. It was discovered that when people lose hair, specific proteins immediately form together to stop more hair from producing. This chemical reverses this process. When hair is removed, this compound will force proteins to create hair. If this chemical works on humans, it is said to be the most significant discovery since man landed on the moon.

In addition to forcing hair to grow back, doctors have stated that this chemical will also make the scalp healthier. This means less dandruff and less hair loss. After being injected with this chemical, doctors are predicting that people in their 40’s will have hair of 20-year-olds. Women are more excited about this than man.

This product is expected to be available soon. The department of health is planning on making this a prescription medication until correct side effects are known. After some time, the department of health hopes to have an over the counter brand of it, too.


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