Staff Leaves in Tears After Diner Surprises Them With Huge Tip

Staff Leaves in Tears After Diner Surprises Them With Huge Tip

People are generally happier, more friendly, and more giving around the holiday time. Perhaps it’s just the feeling that comes as the holidays approach, maybe it’s that people will be spending less time at work, or that people just want to have a designated time where they can give. Whatever the reason, it’s great to see people helping out strangers that they’ve never met.

Those in the service industry work hard each and every day yet they’re seemingly taken for granted quite often. They often get yelled at, get stiffed by customers, and are exhausted from being on their feet all the time. According to Reddit, some servers at a small restaurant in Washington were blessed for their hard work. A diner left a $3,000 tip on a $39 bill right before the holidays. The workers originally thought that it was some sort of mistake. Afterall, why would anyone leave a tip that large? Luckily, the staff did some investigating. They turned over the receipt and they found that the diner had left them a heartfelt note. The note went on to describe how when the diner was growing up, his mom cooked in a place similar. He mentioned how they never had any money for Christmas and all he wanted was for his tip to help the workers have a “better Christmas.” The diner truly thought of everything. He even left his note in case his bank were to challenge the tip.

Many of the staff left crying because they were so grateful for the money. They also described the patron as someone who dined their often and has always been very kind. Stories like these are heartwarming to hear. It restores your faith in humanity that there are people out there who care about others as much as they care about themselves.


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