Student With Disability Fights Back On Discrimination

Student With Disability Fights Back On Discrimination

A student with a physical disability happened to be uninvited to this year’s school field day activities, and young Jake Wesley decided to stand up for himself and take some action. Wesley was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was just a boy but nothing has stopped him from standing up for himself or other people with similar disabilities. He is a very determined child and nothing will stop him from doing what he wants to do and what he feels is fair.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Philadelphia’s Local CBS news, the school had sent a letter to more than 60 children stating that they are medically impaired and cannot participate in their school’s field day. Instead, they will have to wear a bracelet and sit on the sidelines while the other kids participate in the games. Apparently they would even get in trouble if they took off the wrist bands and jumped into some of the activities. Wesley was infuriated by the letter so he immediately posted on social media about what was happening. The school caught wind of it and immediately wrote to him and apologized. They said that this policy has been in place for many years and they thanked him for bringing it to their attention. Superintendent Ricardo Tosto sighed and said it is great that they were able to fix this as I am sure the other kids felt bad too.


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  1. It is a matter of concern that there should not be need for the disabled to have to raise their voices to ask for what they already should have. Though with makes a good case for the matter in the industry that will have to look for extra cost to make sure they treat everyone equal and make all of the rights well taken care of as well as fighting for the rights of the minorities.

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