Substitute Financing With Equities First Holdings

Substitute Financing With Equities First Holdings

Financial institutions especially banks are an integral part of every economy. With that said, their importance in the society cannot be under-estimated. These institutions, however, have mushroomed at a very high rate. This has, in turn, led to increased and unhealthy competition. In order to sustain their activities in this competitive atmosphere, financial institutions offer cheap services, which on the other hand compromise the quality standards of services they render. They also offer conventional loans to customers who have been faced with many lending bottlenecks. However, a few firms have stood out in their service delivery like Equities First Holdings.

Equities First UK is a leader in alternative stockholder financing solutions. In addition to conventional loans, the institution offers its clients margin loans and stock-based loans. Loans that are sourced through stocks are an excellent substitute for funding for those seeking fast working capital. The firm provides financing against the stock transacted in the stock market.

Stock-based loans are preferred in comparison to conventional loans. The former have a higher value of loan ratio, and their interest rates are fixed. Therefore, they provide certainty throughout the transaction period. Moreover, they have a non-recourse feature that enables borrowers to lay off the loan at will even after occurrence of depreciation. Again, they provide a hedge since borrowers can lower investment risk in a snag market. Stock loans have no constraints, and therefore, the cash is available for use on any project that the borrower requires.

Equities First UK is laid on a firm foundation of integrity and transparency. It is committed to offering finances to borrowers who are in need of fast working capital. It utilizes the services of highly reliable legal, regulatory and trading organizations for professional counsel and this makes it a unique financial firm. It works to deliver maximum benefits to customers while reducing the risks to enable them to meet their goals and objectives satisfactorily.


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