Subway Vendor Fighting To Provide Services in Manhattan

Subway Vendor Fighting To Provide Services in Manhattan

There is currently a small waging war between the subway stations of New York, churro vendors, and the police. A Spanish-style doughnut is being sold every day in places like Grand Central, Times Square and 59th Street of Manhattan. The seller has faced 7 arrests in 2 years and she has attested to living in a state of running from the police and hiding.

The practice of selling the churros in the manner that she is can be considered as being illegal on a few different levels. It is against the law to run a food vendor without proper licensing through the Health Department. New York forbids commercial activities in the subway stations without the authorization of the MTA. After the arrest, Alvarado has witnessed police confiscating and eating her churros in front of her very own eyes. Talk about being rude. She was also held in a cell overnight at one time. Christian Broda knows that the profit margin makes the risks worthwhile. She would purchase 200 churros in bulk options for $46 and turn it around for about $100 in profit for the day. This would help to feed her children and herself.

Here is the good news about that. Manhattan borough president is working towards coming up with a solution that consists of pushing the MTA to allow certain vendors on a selective basis to provide their services as there is a market for such concessions in the city’s subway stations.


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