Succeeding As An Author

Succeeding As An Author

Are you looking to become a successful writer/author? There are many who want to live the dream. Flexible hours. You can work when you want to. You are your own boss. You can work when the mood and inspiration strikes you. The best part is, you have fun. If this is a passion of yours, you won’t think of it as “work.”

If this is your goal, then allow me to give you a few tips on how to make the most of your dream.

1) You have to have the passion. You need to feel alive when creating something. You need to feel the passion when you talk to others about what you do. If the passion is not there, your end goal won’t be as easily obtained.

2)You also need to have a purpose. BahiaPrime tells that you need to have a goal in mind. If you are just writing for the sake of writing, your audience is not going to believe in you as much. Your purpose must also be something that sells. Your audience has to want what you are offering.

3)You must devote 100% of your time and life to this trinity of writing. Many of us call it the “holy trinity.” You must be able to live, eat, sleep and breathe writing. This kind of goes along with the passion. Your whole purpose in life must be to write. There are some authors who have sacrificed lots of things in their personal lives to do what they do. This might be you. You have to be willing to sacrifice a great deal of other things in order to live the dream. Think of writing in the vain of being a parent. It’s a full-time job.

One final thing I will leave you with. Your other purpose in life has to be to serve others. You have to be willing to speak to others, engage with others. You have to live in the community of this world. Spend your time networking. Think about having relations that are win-win. Do not worry so much about those who are not into what you are doing. You have to concentrate on those who “get you.”

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