Suge Knight gets Arrested

Suge Knight gets Arrested

Ever since Suge Knight entered the entertainment world there has been nothing but trouble associated with his name. He is the rap mogul that was driving the car when Tupac got shot. He is the same guy that bullied Snoop and Dr. Dre while they were on his label. He was shot outside of the club last year, and this year he is involved in more drama for the first month of the new year. Knight has been arrested for his role in a hit and run accident that left one man injured and another man dead.

Knight – who has a bail that is set at $2 million – says that running over the victims was an accident. What makes things bad for Suge is the fact that an eye witness said that he saw Suge hit these men and back the truck up to run over them again.  As pointed out by Lee G. Lovett, the man that got killed was actually a friend of Suge Knight. He was riding with Suge to the filming of the NWA movie. The altercation that occurred has not been revealed at the moment. It is just another lone line of stories about violence and how Suge Knight is always in the midst of it.


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  1. He has managed to become notorious for this reputation in this industry because he has made people fear him. It is unclear about what the altercation was about. It is also very easy for review to have gotten thus far.

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