Support Autism Rocks And Make A Difference In A Child’s Early Development

Support Autism Rocks And Make A Difference In A Child’s Early Development

Sanjay Shah, the 45 year-old founder of Autism Rocks, is a businessman, philanthropist, husband and father of three. Shah is also a millionaire: it seems that everything he touches turns to gold. Sanjay Shah started hedge fund Solo Capital, made millions, then he left the day-to-day operations to others so he could spend time with his family, help organize a music festival in Dubai and focus on his autism charity, Autism Research Trust. Shah lives in Dubai, where one day he entertained world-famous rapper Snoop Dogg at his home, much to the delight of his three children.

After entertaining the rapper and his entourage, Shah realized that putting on shows with superstars like Snoop Dogg would help his fundraising efforts for his favorite cause. Sanjay Shah raises money for autism research; his youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and Sanjay realized that while he could afford therapy to help his son thrive, other families did not have the luxury of hiring full-time, live-in therapists. A former DJ in college, music aficionado and now with a host of affluent friends and former clients, Shah is in a unique position to use raise money by hosting private fundraising concerts with mega-stars like Prince.

Only the very wealthy can afford to attend private Autism Rocks concerts, nevertheless, autism research is a worthy cause and people want to donate smaller amounts. Autism Rocks on Go Fund Me accepts donations from people who want to fund projects that increase the medical community’s understanding of autism. Autism Rocks is not looking for a cure, instead, the charity funds research into early intervention programs that help autistic children learn social and communication skills. This research, done at the prestigious Cambridge University, identifies which support services will make a difference in a child’s life. This is a very important fundraising effort, as the research helps families worldwide who want to understand what their child needs, so they can do their best to make their son or daughter’s life as happy and productive as possible.


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