Susan McGalla- Philly Purge in Leadership Today

Susan McGalla- Philly Purge in Leadership Today

It’s not a secret that gender-diverse businesses have a 15% increase in productivity. Also, ethnically diverse places have a 35% greater increase in productivity. The catch is being able to perform with a staff that is more open minded. More perspectives in the mix is always a good idea. All of that diversity creates a wonderful gumbo of new ideas that can help any corporation zoom right to the top. All of those factors would make you think that someone would get that they should have more level-c roles that are taken by women in S&P 500 companies.

So many women work all of their lives to be taken seriously in their ability to contribute what is needed to make a business successful. Yet, so few hold those roles. It’s truly disturbing. Yet, in the midst of all that, one woman made it to the top. Her name is Susan McGalla, and her role at American Eagle Outfitters has accomplished that. As Vice President of the company, she defeating the odds, which is largely made up of men. She is truly an inspiration in an industry full of predominate men.

The role of women in leadership is the goal of women like Susan McGalla is to involve more women in the industry. To ensure that type of diversity, you must be conscientious of who is being hired for leadership roles. The active pursuit of this goal is important if women are going to begin to be far better represented in the industry at those leadership levels.

When this begins to happen, the diversity will be better represented in the leadership of those S&P Fortune 500 companies. It’s easy to see how people can accomplish this easily for anyone that needs to see a boast in productivity and creativity for business.

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