Talk Fusion Launches 30 Day Free Trial

Talk Fusion Launches 30 Day Free Trial

Talk Fusion is one of the leaders in video marketing solutions. They are now planning to launch a 30 day free trial to give customers the first hand experience when it comes to one of the best video marketing solutions. Video Marketing is known as one of the best ways to market a product or service. Anyone interested in the Talk Fusion package will have the opportunity to try the product for a period of 30 days and reap the benefits. By simply signing up online users can immediately access the powerful video marketing solution.

Once the signup process is complete users can gain full access to the various applications found within the video marketing solution. Applications such as Video Newsletter, Video Email, Live Meetings and Video Chat will provide anyone with all the necessary tools to promote their brand, service or product.

When using the 30 day free trial users can gain access to many online guides as well as product tutorials. In this way a good understanding of the power of the suite can be gained. Talk Fusion and its CEO Bob Reina understand that people would like a solution where all basis can be covered. This solution is the Talk Fusion application suite which provides every tool necessary. The patent pending technology is planning to help business grow through their software package. The video software is marketed person to person across 140 different countries.

Originally it was started in 2007 with a single application the Video Email application. This application allowed the user to imbed video into an email. At the time this was not possible as its founder Bob Reina had tried to perform the task himself. Once contacting his ISP and being told that it was not possible he set out to develop the application along with a savy business partner and programmer.

Talk Fusion is among the prestigious members of the direct selling association and ensures it adheres to some of the highest ethical business practices. Bob Reina says with more success comes greater responsibility.