Talkspace and Mental Health Therapy

Talkspace and Mental Health Therapy

Talkspace is a company that has an excellent reputation as well as a unique purveyor when it comes to mental health care. The company offers an online, video and text-based interface that allows clients to access mental health care. This allows the clients to access therapy from anywhere they are at any time. The services that the company offers are also affordable for anyone who wishes to use them and do not have coverage or medical healthcare insurance. The company’s qualified therapists have dedicated their lives to helping those who are in dire need of their services. The main idea behind Talkspace is to have the stigma related to mental health eradicated. The company through its services, allows people to access mental health therapy without getting out of their house as many fear for their public profiles.

The company has brought Michael Phelps on board in its attempt to bring down the mental health stigma. Michael Phelps is a well-known person when it comes to the world of athletes. He has won 23 gold medals as a swimmer. Michael has been battling with depression even when he was in the sport. He claims that stigma is one thing that made him not to come out sooner to seek the help that he knew he wanted. The teaming up between Michael and Talkspace aims at letting people aware of the services they can receive through the company.

In addition to this, Michael believes that through the TV campaign where he will share his experiences with depression, will help in encouraging other individuals undergoing the same experience to seek help. Moreover, through the campaign, Phelps aims to let the public know that opening up is the first step to getting help when it comes to mental health issues. According to Michael Phelps, opening up is a sign of courage, and they can access therapy anytime they need so there is no need of waiting up to when things have gone to the worst situation. Therapy is for all and the fact that Talkspace now allows clients to get help online, people should take advantage of that to manage their mental health issues.


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