Talkspace: Improving Access to Mental Health Services One Step at a Time

Talkspace: Improving Access to Mental Health Services One Step at a Time

If you don’t like going to the doctor’s office then Talkspace is the perfect solution for your mental health needs. The easy to use platform helps patients get in touch with therapists from the comfort of their homes. Chatting or texting from work or while traveling also makes it easy to stay on top of your routine and virtual appointments.

Michael Phelps has commented on multiple occasions about the benefits of Talkspace amidst his busy lifestyle. Struggling with stress and anxiety throughout his touring season, Phelps found Talkspace online and used it to connect with a specialist. Not only was he relieved, but he was able to get into a healthy pattern of communication without disrupting the rest of his schedule.

He explained that flexibility and ease of use make Talkspace a great way to continue care and make the most out of his time. No more waiting in doctor’s offices or worrying about missing an appointment due to traffic. Talkspace makes it easy to stay in touch no matter what is going on in your life. There are a lot of advantages to the platform including text features and notifications that help you keep track of your therapy goals. Video conferencing or phone calls are also available. No matter how a person feels comfortable communicating, Talkspace has an option that is sure to fit the situation.

Having multiple methods of communicating makes Talkspace an innovative way to get help. Online mental health counseling is an emerging field that has been developing rapidly. With more people becoming aware of new modalities of care, Talkspace has gained a large following in a short amount of time. Mental health doesn’t have to be a stigmatized topic anymore. Thanks to the highly trained personnel and confidential nature of individual therapy sessions, people can get services without having to step into a doctor’s office.

There are a lot of ways that Talkspace improves user experience. Not only does the platform make it easy to connect with qualified professionals, but it helps users stay in contact on the regular.


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